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Phred and Phrap by CodonCode Corporation

CodonCode Corporation offers Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix versions of Phrap, Phred, and Cross_match, Phil Green's programs for sequence assembly, quality base calling, and fast sequence comparisons. CodonCode also offers Unix and Linux versions of Consed, David Gordon's contig editor and automated finishing tool for Phred and Phrap.

More about PHRED  for base calling and PHRAP for sequence assembly.
About the Phred - Phrap package

The programs Phrap, Cross_match, and Phred are the leading programs for base calling, sequence comparisons, and sequence assembly. Phred, Cross_match, and Phrap are currently used in many large-scale DNA sequencing and mutation detection projects in academic and biotech settings.

To learn more about the Phred-Phrap package, check out our background page.

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Phred and Phrap for Mac OS X and Windows

CodonCode Corporation offers Windows and Mac OS X versions of Phred, Phrap, and Cross_match. For the vast majority of Phred-Phrap users who prefer to run programs from a graphical user interface and need contig editing functions, we offer CodonCode Aligner for sequence assembly and editing.

With CodonCode Aligner, you can:

  • Import sequences from ABI and SCF files
  • Import sequences from text files
  • Run Phred and Phrap directly from Aligner projects
  • Edit Phrap-generated assemblies
  • End clip
  • Vector trim
  • Assemble contigs
  • Align to a reference sequence
  • Find heterozygous mutations
  • Analyze heterozygous insertions and deletions
  • Define regions of interest ("features"), for example low quality consensus regions
  • Quickly navigate between user-defined features
  • Export sequences and features
  • Export Consed-compatible assembly projects

Free demo and trial versions of CodonCode Aligner are available for downloading.

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Price And License Information For Phred-Phrap

Interested in trying or purchasing Phred, Cross_match, and Phrap? Details about availability and prices are available on our information page.

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