Phrap and Phred for Macintosh

On Mac OS X, Phred and Phrap can easily be compiled and run from the command line, just like on other UNIX-based systems. For users who prefer to run Phred-Phrap from a graphical user interface, CodonCode Corporation offers the sequence assembly software CodonCode Aligner.

CodonCode Aligner offers support for running Phred and Phrap, as well as many other commonly used functions like end clipping, vector trimming, editing, contig alignment, mutation detection, and more.

In CodonCode Aligner, base calling with Phred is easy - just select a menu item:

simple base calling with Phred in CodonCode Aligner

Sequence assembly with Phrap in CodonCode Aligner is just as easy:

sequence assembly with Phrap in CodonCode Aligner

Download the free trial version of CodonCode Aligner to try it out! The free 30-day trial is fully functional and includes the ability to base call with Phred and assemble with Phrap. You will also be able to try out CodonCode Aligner's other features for sequence assembly, contig alignments, end clipping, editing, mutation detection, and more.

Phred- Crossmatch - Phrap by Codoncode

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